Matěj Kodeš

Fantastic magic tricks with bubbles
of incredible shapes and sizes.

In the following paragraphs the ideal conditions for bubble shows are described. By prior arrangement it is possible to perform the show in almost any conditions. If you are interested in the show, and some of the conditions cannot be met, call us. We will consult your requirements and adjust the show accordingly.

Stage or area for show with bubbles: approximately 3x4meters, ceiling height 2, 6 meters.

Lights: Light of white, yellow, blue and red color.

Music: Music is copyrighted. Please make sure that there is active speaker system is in place.

Background: ideally black.

Electricity: 230V.

Changing room: Change of costume for the artist.

Preparation of the props: Ideally as close to the stage or area for show as possible.

Warning: Before or during the show there must be no open fire, pyrotechnics, stage fog, disco smoke, fog, hazer, or party steam is not allowed.

On the day of the performance in the areas where the show takes place, there shouldn’t be any use of scenic mist which is difficult to ventilate away.

If the scenic mist is used before the show, the bubble liquid will not work and it will not be possible to perform the show. Please inform your lighting technicians, music operators, other contracted artists and anyone else who could use the scenic mist before our performance.

For the show, all air conditioning and fans must be turned off; this is needed to avoid draft. Air conditioning must be turned off at least 15 minutes prior to the performance.

Please Note: After the performance the floor may be slippery. Please follow the program accordingly and do not plan any dance performances right after the bubble show.

Cleaning is not part of the show. Carpet under the props is part of the equipment of the show (only in Czech Republic).


The dress makes the man and the costume makes the artist!

3 perfect costumes from Monika Vaverová’s design studio Mimo Space, which are fine-tuned to the last detail. Take your pick, or let us decide which costume to choose for your event.

original costume

outdoor events

For the outdoor shows we offer our inflatable tent which is made directly for the show. It has extended sides to keep out the blowing wind and a bigger vision slit which allows the show to be clearly visible. If the show is held outdoors we recommend our tent since it ensures high quality of the show even in case of bad weather.

Stage shows: for the outdoor stage we require solid sidewalls to ensure that no wind will come through. We cannot vouch for performing of all the tricks in the desired quality during the bad weather.

bubble liquid

The composition of the perfect bubble liquid, which is used by Matěj Kodeš during his shows, is his secret. We guarantee that the liquid is safe, harmless and does not leave stains on clothing or on the floor. The liquid fulfills the European toy safety standards.


Bubble show of Matěj Kodeš is truly breathtaking. He needs a lots of different props and gadgets for its production. Total weight is around 180 kg!:-)

In the case of air transport, we employ other lightweight materials and concentrate mixtures.

bublinová show rekvizity