Inflatable tent X-GLOO for outdoor events!

We offer rental of a professional inflatable tent for outdoor events. X-GLOO tent holds the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and is an elegant solution to keep the high quality of the outdoor show in bad weather.
Dimensions: Height: 6m, Width: 6m, Depth: 6m.
The tent is ideal for a bubble show as it has elongated fixed sidewalls that protect against wind. Thanks to the tent, the high level of show will be maintained even in the case of windy weather. The tent is waterproof.
The advertising banners can be tied up from 2 sides.
Technical requirements: space at least 7 x 7 m, the electricity needed to inflate the tent (but we can also offer renting power generators for the production of electricity). There is no need for electricity during operation hours, so it is completely free of noise.
We offer this tent for symbolic price 3000 CZK without VAT 21%. Part of the rental is also the possibility to use the basic sound system and show lighting. For this handling fee, you can enjoy the apparatus with a total value of 200,000 CZK. Everything will be completely worry-free, you will only need space for the show.

WARNING: it is not possible to build the tent in a very strong wind for safety reasons!