bublinový workshop

Bubble workshop

Bubble Workshop is a place for all bubble lovers. Participants will get a professional bubble mixture and try to create bubbles using different tools. With the help of an experienced animator, they will learn to work with bubbles, learns to blow bubbles of different sizes, blow bubbles into the bubble, but basically tries to create huge mega bubbles that always have the greatest success.

All our animators belong to the team of buble master Matěj Kodeš, and in this case you can rely on their professionalism and bubble expertise.

Bubble Workshop is a very popular attraction during city festivals, public events, festivals, and corporate family days. We recommend it as a fun corner not only for children but also for adults.

Reference: Botanicus, Phillip Morris, Cisco, Microsoft, Renault, DNS, ČTV – Déčko, Nong Ping 360 Hong Kong, U.S. Steel Košice, Wheels ´n´ Heels Doha 2012, WTA Championship Doha 2010, Hilton Prague, ING, Jika, Subaru, and many others.