Promotional bubble blowers 60 ml

Thousands of promotional bubble blowers in stock – top quality – fast delivery!

Promotional bubble blowers: volume 60 ml. The bottle is white, the cap is white or colored. As a standard, we deliver in white, after agreement can be supplied with colored caps or mix of different colors. Bubble blowers does not make stains on clothes!

We deliver the complete promotional bubble blowers, printed sticker and liquid is included. Bubble blowers complies with the European Toys Safety Standard.

reklamní bublifuk

custom production

The size of the label is 10.4 (width) x 6.6 (height) cm, the ad can be placed on an area of 7.6 (w) x 6.2 (h) cm.

We also offer creative design and graphic design of the labels.

The label is printed on white glossy vinyl foil by eco-solvent printing.

The etiquette is printed at 1440 x 720 dpi as standard.

From 3000 pcs we offer a complete custom production of the product (color of the cap according to your own specifications, own aroma and color of liquid, etc.).

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100 ks20 CZK/pc
500 ks18 CZK/pc
1000 ks17 CZK/pc
2500 Ks16 CZK/pc
5000 ks15 CZK/pc

Prices are excluding VAT 21% and shipping.
Delivery time: up to 1000 pcs – 2 weeks.
Delivery time: up to 5.000 pcs – 3 weeks.
Payment in advance.